The A+H group of companies offers you a high level of expertise in the realisation of your projects in the fields of water treatment and waste water technology. Take advantage of our experience, creativity and flexibility in solving your tasks.

This is our service for you:

1. careful planning under the premise of quality and safety qualified detail
engineering in cooperation with our design department for the technically optimal solution.

2. top quality in the manufacture of piping systems and apparatus
engineering the manufacture of the plant-specific piping and apparatus construction is carried out exclusively by our own welding specialists with certified welders for all common processes without exception.

3. high quality surface finishing of stainless steel components
by immersion process our stainless steel pickling centre in Isselburg guarantees top quality of the material surfaces after machining. Our pickling centre works according to the OXYFIRST-Steel process and thus avoids the release of nitrous gases and waste water containing nitrate. The ecological concept is taken into account to a high degree here.

4. competence in all logistical matters at home and abroad
our materials management department masters the logistical requirements for the delivery and installation of our plants at home and abroad. The handling of sea transports, documentary letters of credit, etc. are handled safely here.

5. efficient assembly teams for the entire plant area
our installations are carried out exclusively with our own personnel and equipment.